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The CP18C, our combustion vehicle endearingly called “Frankie,” demonstrates a major improvement in build quality from the previous year, along with a switch to 10” tires and significant changes to suspension and aero architectures. Emphasizing data-driven design, the CP18C features twice as many sensors as the 2017 cars in a custom, CAN-based data acquisition system with live telemetry.

The CP18E, or “Fannie”, our electric vehicle, remains mechanically similar to the previous year’s CP17E while significant changes were made to electronics, electrical system packaging, and driver controls to improve serviceability and reliability. The car’s range is maximized with regenerative braking, and its custom-programmed control unit and data acquisition system enables features a highly modular telemetry system.

Cal Poly Racing has been one of the biggest highlights of my college experience so far. The exciting challenges, fun teamwork environment, and hands-on learning have helped me grow as an engineer as well as prepare me for working in industry.
— KC EGGER, 2018-19 Tech Director


Cal Poly Racing’s Formula SAE team is one of the few teams to simultaneously build both a combustion and electric vehicle on the same platform, utilizing engineering skills from a vast range of fields. Students are able to join subsystems which best utilize their knowledge and interests. Our Formula SAE team consists of 17 main subsystems:


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Spring 2019

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