Our designs are evaluated at competitions for performance, innovation, and market potential. To excel in these categories, Cal Poly Racing has become more than just a team of mechanical engineers. We operate like a business, bringing together students from many disciplines to develop engineering, project management, finance, and marketing skills. This makes our members assets to the workforce from day one.

To develop student skills through this unique hands-on experience, Cal Poly Racing requires the generous support of industry partners. We seek to build mutually beneficial relationships with our partners, who support us by contributing materials, knowledge, or services. In return, we offer partners increased brand recognition and networking opportunities with our talented student members.

As an active member in Baja, I’ve really gained a better understanding of the engineering concepts we are learning in our classes. In particular, when I am working on design projects I find that I have a much better understanding of the feasibility and practicality of designs. Additionally, the things I’ve learned through Baja tend to stick with me a lot more than things I’ve learned in classes because I get to see everything I work on for Baja actually come to life. Without sponsors, it wouldn’t be possible for us to keep doing this. I also think that SAE students are a good investment because they end up being better engineers thanks to their experience.
— JESSALYN BERNICK, Baja Chassis Lead



Building prototype vehicles at an internationally competitive level requires significant resources; corporations, small businesses, and individuals can all make meaningful contributions to our efforts. Depending on your level of support, you have access to the following benefits and more:

  • Your company’s branding will be displayed on our vehicles, website, and apparel, giving you exposure to thousands of engineering students and professionals through our events and competitions.

  • Your company will be promoted on our social media and newsletters, allowing you access to almost 3,000+ racing fans and 600+ alumni.

  • You will have direct access to our team’s body of talent should you be interested in hiring interns or full-time employees.


Ask us about the different ways you can contribute. All donations are tax-deductible.

  • Equipment and Service Donations: Due to our extensive in-house production, we have a great need for new and used machine shop equipment and tools. In addition, we require services such as advanced machining, powder coating, and heat treating.

  • Technical Insight: We utilize technical insight to help improve the design, manufacturing, and testing of our vehicles. As students, we value the learning experience that being part of a racing team provides, and greatly appreciate partners who choose to share their knowledge with us.

  • Monetary Support: We accept monetary donations. Contributions can be targeted to a specific team purchase or general use.


For more information, download our partnership packet