The Aero subsystem is responsible for generating down-force such that the vehicle's tire grip is improved, while also trying to minimizing drag. We get to utilize Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in our design and analysis to achieve the best results possible. our projects include the car's front wing, rear wing, and an under-tray which are built using carbon fiber.




we make sure the car stops.... eventually



the body 



the cool shit that makes up the car




C-Electronics is responsible for implementing all electronics on the combustion car. This includes all Engine Management System controls, Engine sensors, shifting actuation, fuel, ignition, and fan controls. The c-electronics team is also responsible for Data Aqusition, sensors and steering wheels for both vehicles. These involve designing custom CAN based sensor modules, implementing sensors, wireless telemetry, and designing a custom CAN based steering wheels incorporating an LCD display. In order to connect all these systems together, the team also designs motorsports grade harnesses for both combustion and electric vehicles.

ELECTRIC CAR (software) 

The software on the CP18E car was made to be robust, reliable, and efficient. Our responsibility is to control the motor, relay information to the drive, collect data, and monitor the hardware based safety systems. With our telemetry system we are able to view the status of many components on the car in real time allowing for quick debugging and faster tuning.

ELECTRIC CAR (hardware)




bouncy bounce