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Our Baja SAE team has earned a reputation as a dominant force in competitions, securing an impressive 7th place finish at our latest two events: Baja SAE Wisconsin 2023 and Baja SAE Oregon 2023. We also placed 2nd in Suspension and Traction at Baja SAE Wisconsin. 

Baja looks forward to competitions each year, as it is the ultimate test of our vehicle’s performance. Each competition begins with three static events (design presentation, sales presentation, and cost report), four dynamic events (acceleration, hill climb or sled pull, suspension & traction or rock crawl, and maneuverability), and a four-hour endurance race. Our team attempts to compete in at least two competitions per year. In doing so, we receive valuable feedback which we use to adjust our designs and make improvements for the following year. We continue to focus on building a robust, reliable vehicle, making calculated improvements to what has been an exceptionally successful platform in recent years.


This 4-wheel-drive vehicle has an impressive 10-foot turning radius and a top speed of 33 mph. It is built to conquer any terrain with its high-impact composite body panels and skid plates. The Baja car’s advanced features include a unique modified multi link suspension system, custom fox coilover shocks equipped with custom electronically controlled compression adjusting valves, and 14 inches of suspension travel. Powered by a 10 hp Kohler CH440 engine and a fine-tuned electronically actuated continuously variable transmission (eCVT), and custom-built high-efficiency gearbox, this machine is designed for ultimate reliability and power. Equipped with over 30 sensors, this high-performance vehicle provides valuable data analysis for optimal performance and driver controls. 


Weekly Meetings | Tuesdays 11am in 192–132

Our Baja team consists of 14 main subsystems. Students are able to join those which best utilize their knowledge and interests.

“Cal Poly Racing Baja has given me experience, connections, friends, and knowledge that I never would have imagined gaining this quickly. I joined the team with a passion for racing but little to no knowledge about engineering or what it takes to build these fascinating cars. It has allowed me to break out of my shell and work with hands-on applications of the engineering skills I learn in class. In addition to all of the incredible engineering work my teammates can accomplish, this club truly is a family of like-minded individuals, and we love to have fun whenever we are together. ”

— Matthew Shaffer, '23-24 Baja Team Lead

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