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The competition team is involved in the year-long process of designing the competition presentations for Baja, Formula Combustion, and Formula Electric. Our multidisciplinary focus engages members' understanding of marketing, accounting, sales, graphic design, and engineering. These talents all come together in our spring competition season in a hypothetical sales pitch of our vehicles as a product to a panel of judges.



The creative team encompasses print and web design, photography, and videography. They create content for social media, events, team apparel, and marketing collateral. They also design and manage our website and brand standards.



The events team is responsible for planning and executing events that involve recruitment, partner meet-ups, and social activities. This includes annual events such as WOW Club Showcase, Open House, and our end-of-the-season car unveiling.



The marketing team evangelizes Cal Poly Racing through different channels including print, social media, and web presence to fulfill the overall goal of increasing brand exposure and recognition both on campus and off.



The partnership team works to scout, establish, and maintain professional relationships with other businesses for all of our teams. Partnerships works closely with the engineering teams to assess their needs and manage their monetary, services, or equipment sponsorships.

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